oeHealth: Patient Portal Management

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Give secure access to your patients to view their details and download their medical information

OeHealth - Patient Portal

An online platform for patients to have complete access to their personal health information and medical records such as appointment details, test results, medical histories & treatments and so on anytime and anywhere with the use of an internet connection.

Grant Access for Patient Portal

  • Hospital Admin can provide patient portal access to specific patient.

  • Access can be granted and revoked with the help of “smart button”.

Access to Personal Health Information

  • With the help of patient portal, patients can have access to their personal health information such as evaluations, socioeconomics, lifestyle, medical history, family members.

Create Appointment

  • Using patient portal, patients can schedule appointment with the respective doctor for further medical consultation.

Update Personal Details

  • Patients can also update their personal information and also add Emergency Contact.

Download Medical Certificates & view other important details.

  • Patients can have an access to their lab related queries such as lab requests & lab tests.

  • Medical Certificates can be viewed as well as downloaded by patients for their further office, academic or insurance claiming related needs.