oeHealth: Imaging Management

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Carry out all the necessary Imaging tests that are need of the hour for patients

OeHealth - Imaging Management System

Diagnose critical medical conditions with various imaging tests pre-configured with oeHealth. OeHealth allows you to perform popular imaging tests such as X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, PET Scan and so on. You can also configure your own tests.

Imaging Test Departments

  • Configure Imaging Test Departments with oeHealth.

Imaging Test Types

  • Configure different types of Imaging Tests with their names, assigning them the code & link it with respective department.

  • Also here you can mention the charges for each imaging tests.

Perform Imaging Test

  • Perform required imaging test as per the medical need of patient.

  • Create imaging test wherein you enter the patient details, attach imaging test reports.

  • Perform the required analysis regarding patient's progress and derive conclusion for planning further medications for the patient.


  • Raise invoice directly for the tests performed with a single click and you can then send the invoice directly to patient via email.

  • OeHealth also allows you to register payment and add credit note whenever necessary.

Print Reports

  • Print imaging tests report for further medical treatment plan.